viernes, 4 de abril de 2008

Poem about me

Hello, this is a practice about a poem but I´m not sure how is it???
Short, intelligent, fair, and discreet.
Aunt of Michelle, Juan Sebastian and Juan Andres
Who loves to travel, listen to music and dance
Who is afraid of the dark, snakes, and scorpions
Who wants to see Salto Angel, the pyramids in Mexico and the Eiffel Tower
Resident of Maracaibo.

miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2008

Things about my life....

hello my friends I´m going to talk about my life.....

Hello my name is Alba Soto I´m 24 years old and I´m from Colombia, my favorite color is blue and like listen to music, dance, go to the movies. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters their names are Omar, Sandra and Kelly. My parents are Juan and Rosa my father is a merchant and my mother is housewife.
I study 6 semester of business administration in the university Dr. Rafael belloso chacin, I like English but I don´t have friends that I could practice my vocabulary and my oral expression:(..

some advantages or disadvantages in my career

hello good night...I´m talking about some things in my career.

Business administration.

· Get a good job.
· Maybe have my own business.

· Win money.

- If I don´t take good decision.
-I could lost my job.
–my parents never respect my

I study business administration is a beautiful career but I have to be careful because if I don´t knowhow I could make the things, take a good decision I never could have a good job, win money or have my own business. on the contrary I lost my job, my parents never to respect my and I never been a manager.
But not only is this career we can find (advantages and disadvantages)
Also in others careers and we can give the solution.

viernes, 29 de febrero de 2008

rules in the university

Hello, world! this my first blog...I am a student from URBE and this is my writing class blog.

The first task assigned was to give an opinion about an important issue in our university.

Some semesters ago, irregular things happened at our university. Dued to these things the
university dictated some rules, one of these rules was to required students to
wear their students ids.

This is what i think about it:

I think it is a good idea to use the id because with that measure, security personel will be able to know who is a student in URBE and who is not.

note: please if you want tell me something correcting any idea i would appreciate if you leave me a comment